In accordance with most data privacy laws, a DPO function can be outsourced.  This is often a more efficient solution, as you obtain a current and competent data privacy specialist who is able to make compliance-related decisions and be held accountable.

What are the benefits
of using a DPO outsourced service?

  • Commence data protection program immediately;

  • Save time as an experienced DPO makes decisions  quicker  than an unqualified employee forced into the DPO role);

  • Guarantee that decision will be correct;

  • Prevent sanctions by supervisory authorities;

  • Communicate immediately with the supervisory authority;

  • Build trust with partners and clients by appointing a certified and experienced professional;

  • Mitigation the difficulties and costs of recruiting and retaining an employee in the DPO position;

  • In-house training of an appointed DPO through supervision and interaction of outsourced DPO;

  • Zero Conflict of Interest as the DPO remains objective in his work;

  • Cheaper than appointing a staff member with salary and benefits;

  • Attendance is guaranteed as there is no vacation, time-off, or absenteeism due to illness.

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